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Book Review of Bollywood Invasion through Ricardo Alexanders

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4 / 100

At as soon as attractive and cleverly creative, Ricardo Alexanders’ Bollywood Invasion enraptures readers with an amusing and fantastical coming of age tale, set in a nicely posed merging of fact and fiction that surpasses the reaches of time and continents.

Instantly the tale attracts you in, as to begin with, we meet John Palmieri dwelling in present-day instances in Brooklyn; he is a nerd and Beatles lover in excessive college and unhappy together along with his decrease center elegance existence. Things begin with him withinside the throes of a dream, yet again being bested through his arch-enemy, Frank Castellano. He loathes Frank, who appears to have a lot greater than John; smarter mouth, larger house, greater friends, higher stuff, including, the eye of the woman he secretly loves -Samantha.


The actual journey starts while destiny crashes into his existence, through an accident, knocking John unconscious. When John awakes, he unearths himself in a parallel existence, wherein he has been transported lower back in time to past due 1950s, India. He wakes up as eighteen yr antique Raj Scindia, a prince withinside the Indian royal family. Naturally, he is, to begin with, stressed through his surprising transportation to a very overseas existence and subculture with many funny moments resulting as he attempts to wrap his head around what has taken place to him.

Meanwhile, as John acclimates to his new existence, he realizes he all at once has the existence he has continually dreamed of, an existence which now consists of money, wealth, keen ladies, and substantial privileges. However, in addition to being wealthy and privileged, the prince whose existence John has taken over additionally consists of numerous surprising problems which include being engaged to a younger girl via pre-organized marriage, having the popularity of being a spoiled, adulterous scamp, in addition to being a 2nd yr pupil in a mechanical engineering college. Ultimately, finding out to make the exception of his new circumstances, John performs his privileged new existence to the hilt; he fakes being psychic and events now no longer sincerely taking his new existence too significantly till he meets the exceptional buddy of his promised fiance, Ankita and falls right away head over heels for her which inside his new subculture offers upward push to many problems. While seeking out methods to win her over, John forays into the sector of tune through becoming a member of a nearby band and makes use of his substantial understanding of Beatles songs to propel his organization “The Beetos” to “Beatles” repute making him and his organization rock stars, thusly growing a parallel universe with the Bollywood model of the Beatles. Consequently, their newly discovered repute comes with surprising repercussions, because the tale progresses with eventualities that parallel activities that sincerely took place with the famed Beatles.


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