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Review of How to Handle a Narcissist through Theresa Jackson

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During the route of my profession as a psychologist, I discovered narcissists to be my maximum tough clients. As a result, I became involved to look at what Theresa Jackson had to mention approximately the matter.

She describes narcissistic character disease as “characterized through a haughty experience of superiority, an inflated experience of significance and a deep want for admiration.” People with this disease placed their desires and goals first and do now no longer generally challenge themselves with the desires of different humans aside from as a manner to advantage themselves.

Review of How to Handle a Narcissist through Theresa Jackson

In assessment to narcissistic character disease, she discusses narcissism as various traits on which all of us suit from dangerous to wholesome. She provides a few narcissistic developments as advantageous or wholesome such as “self-enhancement.” She sees humans in the direction of the wholesome cease as nevertheless being capable of respect others’ emotions and desires.

She gives a scale on which you may price the narcissist to your lifestyles or your self on a sequence of 40 criteria. These developments are then looked after into advantageous and bad ones. The writer sees wholesome narcissistic developments as together with being self-worth, being charismatic and appreciating their personal talents, and displaying management and thought of others.

She describes excessive narcissists as displaying the above bad developments in addition to being threatened and jealous of these with whom they see themselves in competition. They have a tendency to dominate, or bargain with their competitors as they are seeking reward and reputation and sense as a minimum slighted if now no longer outrage if there do now no longer get the reward they sense, is their right.

She is going on to explain an extended listing of approaches to keep away from being triumph over through excessive narcissists. She writes approximately a way to restrict their dominance of relationships and a way to cope with them without letting them manage you and draw you into their web. She additionally discusses approaches of interacting with them without arousing their least favorable traits.

She provides close to the cease which you have to now no longer count on narcissists to alternate. She sees alternate as viable however now no longer very likely. This isn’t always a mission to be undertaken withinside the route of regular relationships.

I discovered this an informative and thrilling ee-ebook. Yet I discover it tough to view what she perspectives as advantageous narcissistic developments as without a doubt being narcissistic. What she refers to right here are self-worth and management. I agree that those are advantageous developments. Yet if they may be now no longer observed through the bad developments, then I could now no longer remember them as narcissistic. I suppose it confuses the problem to try and remember a few developments as wholesome narcissism. They appear higher visible as advantageous character developments without the label of narcissism which to me is a bad term.

Still, I suppose this ee-e-book offers very good information of narcissistic character disease and stocks a few useful techniques for a way to keep away from folks who convey the label and a way to engage with them without damage to you.


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