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Review of Author Clifford Browder’s The Eye That Never Sleeps

Review of Author Clifford Browder’s The Eye That Never Sleeps post thumbnail image
6 / 100

The Eye That Never Sleeps

Traversing again in time to New York City circa the overdue 19th century, Clifford Browder’s The Eye That Never Sleeps poses a decidedly remarkable take at the ancient crime mystery with an enticingly twisted narrative that brings collectively history, thriller, and masterfully fleshed out characters.

A developing thriller is afoot withinside the increasing town of 1869 New York City while 3 banks are robbed inside a nine-month period. Of specific situation is the theft of the Bank of Trade that’s taken into consideration the heist of the century. Moreover, the thief has the gall to gloat approximately the robberies with the aid of using manner of sending to the president of every financial institution gloating rhyming verses and a key to the financial institution inside days of the wake of every masterminded theft.

The Eye That Never Sleeps

Meanwhile, lamentably for the bankers, the police branch has been beaten with the aid of using the heavy caseloads of different crook investigations which leaves the city’s bankers in developing desperation. Looking for answers, they flip to personal operative/ detective Sheldon Minick who agrees to take at the case for a considerable retainer which permits the financially strapped detective to pay payments and convey meat to his table.

An exciting man or woman from the start, Minick comes throughout as reserved and intelligent, however odd, as he now no longer best enjoys baffling the criminals he chases, however his customers as well. Also, with a grasp of disguise, he manages to correctly infiltrate the notorious Thieves Ball formerly located impenetrable with the aid of using police to mete out ability suspects. It is there on the ball, that Sheldon Minick encounters Slick Nick Prime aka Nicholas Hale, grasp cracksman and a bragging dandy whose wealth and wile permits him to reply to his proclivities at his whim.

Consequently, the thrills happen as those complicated characters are delivered collectively in an interesting recreation of entanglement and wits with the intimate views of each men’s psyche and existence exposed. As a result, the huge one-of-a-kind man or woman’s lives are lensed thru the eye-starting information of the history, politics, and personalities of the technology with specific interest to the department of pleasant of existence, in the long run presenting a compelling study the rich and privileged existence of the crook Hale as opposed to the negative however appropriate man Minick.

Altogether, I absolutely loved The Eye That Never Sleeps. I relished in being immersed in a tale that captured the truth of that technology in early New York history, particularly being a New Yorker myself. I do quite propose this book. It turned into a worth examination that turned into concurrently informative, compelling, and entertaining.


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