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Book Review Of The Memory Police

Book Review Of The Memory Police , How It Feels To Lose MemoriesBook Review Of The Memory Police , How It Feels To Lose Memories

Book Review Of The Memory Police – Memories can be defined as something that makes an impression on our memories or impressions on our memory. With memories, we can remember good and bad events in our memory. But have you ever imagined what if a human loses his memory, even for simple items? What if you can’t remember what kind of toy you have or forget the smell of perfume? The problem with the crisis is forgetting the shape of the item, but forgetting the existing memories of the object.

Now this is what is tried to be told in Yoko Ogawa’s book Police Memories. This book tells about the inhabitants of an unnamed island, where they gradually lose their memories of simple things. However, there are some people on the island who don’t lose their memories and try to mingle with┬ápeople who forgot so as not to get caught with the memory police.

The memory police have a duty to ensure that memories that belong to a person are lost forever. There are many ways that the memory police have done this to make this happen, from kidnapping people for interrogation to breaking into houses by force.

It started with the character “I” who is a novelist, trying to help his editor who was threatened by the Police of Memories, namely R, because he is one of those people who cannot forget. The novelist is assisted by an old man for housing from the Kenangan Police chase.

Will their efforts be successful?

The Memory Police gives us a lesson to be able to appreciate a judi online memory that we have either on an object or someone we love before it disappears. This is because humans rarely appreciate presence. Usually they will appreciate a presence after they feel guilty first.

By feeling lost, we can learn to accept and be grateful for what we still have. In addition, The Memory Police can provide clues, what should be done with our memories?

That’s fine tightly, despite the bad memories. Or forget those memories, even though they are beautiful memories?